What can I expect?

In counselling you are given a regular, confidential slot in the week to focus in on your thoughts and feelings. The opportunity to say aloud the concerns you have held inside may provide deep relief. Many people find the experience of being truly listened to in a non-judgmental way to be deeply supportive. 

As your counsellor I do not give you ‘advice’ but I employ my training, skills and experience to help you stay focussed on what concerns you. I will reflect back to you what I feel is going on and wonder with you what are the causes of this. From this developing therapeutic relationship, courage and clarity can emerge. 

I offer counselling to adults aged over 18. The work can be a short term focus on a goal or more in depth and longer term. Sessions last for 50 minutes. I work with people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Counselling locationIf you want to contact me after looking at this website, you can ring or email me. I will then contact you to have a short conversation outlining more of what you need and when you might be able to come.  If I think I can help we usually arrange an initial session in which you can tell me more about why counselling would be helpful to you, and also ask me about the way the process works or my professional experience. This session is free.

After this session I will tell you whether I feel I can offer you a regular slot. If this is not possible I will make some other suggestions. You will also have some time to consider if you want to work with me.

If we both decide to go ahead then we contract to work together for an agreed initial period (usually a minimum of 6 sessions). We will meeting at a regular time each week (or more than once per week if necessary). The session time is reserved for you until we both decide to end our agreement.