My way of working

Woodland sceneWe can all face difficulties from time to time. We may be taken over by unhelpful patterns and emotions, affected by stressful events or perhaps we feel that we have not lived the life we wanted.

I offer you a confidential and safe space to talk. We will examine and explore what has happened before, what is going on now and what you want from the future. Counseling can help you achieve deeper insight into who you are and how you fit with those around you; it may give you more balance in managing your emotions, and greater clarity of purpose in achieving fulfillment.

My approach is relational - we work together to see what emerges. I am informed by the psychodynamic, humanistic, existential and integrative schools of therapy. These explore both the effect of the past and how we are able relate to others today. I work with what you bring and take an open, warm and non-judgmental approach to your concerns. I then find ways to share back with you what I observe you saying and feeling. Hopefully this mutual process will bring you greater understanding of your personal dynamics and enable you to make the choices and take the actions you desire.

"Wisdom begins in wonder”